Dreams always come true, at least if those dreams are rational.


Only one thing can stop a dream from coming true—physics.  You can dream that you flap your arms and fly to Venus, but of course that dream won’t come true.  You can dream that you’ll live in peace and harmony with everyone else on Earth, today, and that dream won’t come true either.

But those aren’t the things you mostly dream about.  Mostly, you dream about who you want to be and how you’ll live your life.  And those dreams always come true.  If they don’t, then it’s because you’re dreaming of something else too, and those dreams become the controlling ones.  Though for many of us, those dreams are more properly called “nightmares,” since they are built of various sufferings that we endured long ago.

The point is this.  The good dreams we have, the dreams we had as young children–to play, to be with family, to enjoy and learn of the wide world around us–are all achievable merely for the want of them.  There is no physics stopping any of that.  You can’t defy gravity, nor even the heavy hand of the government, but nothing in the universe can stop you from living your life however you choose, as long as it’s consistent with physics.

“But my dreams involve someone else, and they’re not going along.”  That’s the same as thinking you might fly to Venus.  Just as you can’t do that, neither can you create the dreams of another person, nor choose which ones they’ll follow.  That too is a physical law—you can motivate your own body to action, but you can’t motivate another person’s.  You can only overpower it, which would just be fulfilling one of those “nightmares” you have, rather than the dreams which bring happiness and fulfillment.

That’s all.  The point here is not that you can fulfill your dreams, but rather that you do fulfill your dreams, always and evermore.

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