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A Scientific Discovery

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

This discovery was made (so far as I know) by Greg Swann, presented here:

“In every choice you make, in every action you take, in each of your thoughts and in each of your deeds, you are acting upon your self. By your attitudes and your habits of mind and your internal and external behaviors, you are acting either to complete and burnish and exalt your ego–or to dismantle and deface and destroy it.

“This is an inescapable ontological fact. This is what it means essentially to have a reasoning, recollecting mind. Skyscrapers and symphonies, on the one hand, and squalor and slaughter, on the other–these are secondary consequences. Every action in every human life is first taken by the ego upon the ego.”

“Ah…. but the majority have the power to get what ever it wants”

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Nonsense. You make it sound like we’re all motors and whoever has the most horsepower wins. The majority didn’t get what they wanted at the founding of this country, the majority in the Axis didn’t get what they wanted and no matter what, even the majority today won’t get what they want. This is because they CAN’T get what they want—tons of consumption with no production.

It never was about destruction, even though it often seems so. It’s about creation and production, and the creative, productive power of good men has ALWAYS been the victor over time.

So it shall be this time. The only relevant question is who among us will be around to see it.